Thursday, July 1, 2010

OKAY, here we go.....

Welllll, I have had a very busy BUT very exciting week. Quilting on the Kenai and the Art to Wear fashion show were fabulous. However, for me, Trish Stuart's worskshops were the highlight. I would never have believed I would enjoy, or love, painting on fabric, or free motion embellishment or INSET curves, BUT I did. Trish has a way to help and encourage your vision out of your safe little box and I thank her for the push. Here are a few 'random', no, really random, pieces.
This was a combo paint, thread work. I was working on creating shading for maybe the center of a rose petal.

This piece was using Paint, curves and foils. I will now attempt, in the next 6 months, to embellish with threads.

This beautiful lily, drawn by Trish, not me, was a lesson in shading and light. I would never have thought it possible to paint this, BUT I DID!! Not to take all the credit, I did have some hands on help from Trish, but I am amazed.

All in all, a wonderful week with wonderful people, (classmates were the best) and a wonderful teacher. Thank you Trish.

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  1. And they are prettier in person!! You did a fabulous job!